Virtual Organizing Training

for Professional Organizers and Related Professionals

Virtual Organizing Training Program
for Professional Organizers!


Saturdays – six consecutive weeks:
FEBRUARY 22, 29 and MARCH 7, 14, 21, and 28
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am EST

Six-Classes as follows:
Saturdays, JUNE 6, 13, 20, 27 and JULY 11 and Thursday, July 16
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am EST

Saturdays – six consecutive weeks:
OCTOBER 3, 10,17, 24, 31 and NOVEMBER 7
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am EST


Newly Expanded Program

The Virtual Organizing Training Program for Professional Organizers and Related Professionals has been up-dated and up-valued.  This expanded program includes the following:

  • Updated research
  • Increased from a 5-week study, to 6-weeks
  • Increased CEUs – two-hours/ session
  • More required class interactivity
  • Greater emphasis on MARKETING services
  • ZOOM video presented classes
  • Video recorded sessions for future reference
  • Knowledge, Skill and Abilities (KSA) quiz to establish course proficiency to determine proficiency for achieving a Certificate of Study in Virtual Organizing.
  • …and much more! 

REQUIREMENT: 3-year minimum, in-field PO experience

Qualifications: Who is this this program for?

Any Professional Organizer who has a minimum of three years’ hands-on experience in the field and is interested in expanding their expertise in the field of professional organizing.

Any Related Professional (mental health, coaching, education or other), who has related credentialing in their field of work, and is seeking a way to extend their expertise to their students / clients by learning how helping others to organize spatially can impact productivity and mental clarity, without the need of intimidating house calls.

Business woman sitting at table with hand drawn media icons and


  • Has the new economic climate affected your business effectiveness?
  • Are you frustrated with the inability to help others due to regional limitations?
  • Have you hit your business ‘glass ceiling’ due to time limitations or client budget restraints?
  • Would you like to become more effective and more profitable with less effort?
  • Would you like to expand your services to keep up with current services trends?

At last…meet the ‘gap-app!’

I like to think of Virtual Organizing as a ‘gap-app’ because it is an ‘application’ model that fills the ‘gap’ between time, accessibility, affordability and profitability for Professional Organizers, mental health related professionals, and for potential needy clients alike!

Virtual Organizing is an indispensable addition to your current organizing services that can enhance the value you provide for on-site clients and transcend the limitations of the regional market place into global market possibilities.

I can now provide organizing services to anyone, anywhere.

Sheila Delson and her Gap-App Virtual Organizing Training is just the new additional business model I was seeking.  As a veteran organizer with many, many years of working hands-on with clients it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with client demand (time) and physical aspects associated with hands-on work.  Additionally, not all clients can afford ongoing hands-on work.  This is the solution to all three! Plus, I can now provide organizing services to anyone, anywhere.

The training materials are easy to understand and apply instantly.  The first week after completing my training with Sheila I had several new clients locally and afar who engaged my new virtual organizing services.  As an added bonus and part of the training, I faced and completed an area in my own life that I ignored for over 20 years and needed organization. The results are phenomenal!  Thank you, Sheila.

Anne Blumer

So…What Is Virtual Organizing, and What Is It Not?           

  • It is…a process – for getting organized through the use of telephone, email, photographs, video conferencing or other technology.  It can be used as an accompaniment to the traditional organizing format or as an alternative to on-site organizing help.
  • It is…collaborative – both client and professional develop a plan to achieve a desired outcome based on initial assessment.  Organizing sessions are instructed by the organizer while the client supplies the physical work.
  • It is… similar to a Petri dish, VO is an application that requires both players share a combination of just the right elements to foster a favorable culture for collaboration, growth and success.
  • It is NOT…for everyone. Not everyone is compatible. Not everyone is capable of the necessary skills and managing the necessary technology for effectiveness.
  • It is NOT…a ‘silver bullet’ because everyone is different. It will not resolve the many possible underlying issues that could cause road blocks – the VO process can focus only on one realistic and attainable project at a time.
  • It is NOT…for ill, physically challenged or elderly people – requires that the physical work be done by the client.        

We can serve clients even when we’re not on-site

Taking the Virtual Organizing training with Sheila has opened up a whole new division of services for our company, Living Peace. The program allowed my organizing team to become significantly more confident and clear on how we can serve clients even when we’re not on-site.

Now we’re expanding both our services and our marketing in ways that I’ve dream about for years, and I know there are so many more people we’ll be able to connect with through these offerings. Even better, I’m so grateful that we got to go through this training together as a team to discover both how Sheila has been doing this successfully for years and to be able to brainstorm and envision together our own expression of Virtual Organizing here at Living Peace.

Erin Elizabeth Wells, CEO & Founder
Living Peace

What are the Benefits and Advantages of
Virtual Organizing vs. On-Site Organizing?

Professional Organizers and other professional consultants well understand the overall benefits of working in a live setting (side-by-side) with a client or a group, such as body-doubling, social organizing and the synergy that inspires motivation and the resulting energy that creates environmental change.

“Eighty percent of success is just showing up!”

Woody Allen

However, for some, access to an on-site professional is either limited or not possible due to a variety of factors, regardless of need. There is also a large population who are better able to succeed through VO over the physical presence of another person. Due to our current economic times we are realizing that ‘the gap’ is widening, making access to professional help even more challenging.

What I have discovered, is that for some people, VO can have the very same beneficial outcomes as on-site sessions in terms of skill transfer and long-term cognitive learning.

Benefits for the Professional

  • Increased business service (increased profits)bigstock_Front_View_Of_Female_Attorney__4087072
  • Increased development in active listening and communication skills
  • Increased personal development – requires more concentrated brain activity (see benefits for client below)
  • Flexibility to work with a client across the street or across the country.
  • Environmentally ‘green’
    • saves time in travel
    • is energy efficient (gasoline)
  • Fewer distractions from non-verbal ‘noise’
  • Less physical impact on organizer

Shelia’s approach to teaching is informative, helpful, and fun!

Taking the Virtual Organizing classes with Sheila has been great! I was unsure of how I could help virtual organizing clients until I took Sheila’s classes. Shelia’s approach to teaching the class is informative, helpful, and fun!

Her years of experience as a CPO-CD®  helps professional organizers understand the process of virtual organizing and how you can help a client in a different way to get organized-virtually! I would highly recommend this course to any professional organizer who is interested in helping clients get organized virtually.

Vickie Dellaquila, CPO , CPO-CD

Well worth the money and an excellent use of my time.

Sheila‘s course is a MUST TAKE for anyone contemplating getting into virtual organizing.  She covers everything you need to get started and so much more. It was truly a case for me of not knowing what I didn’t know until I started the class and there were so many excellent take-aways.  She shares her templates with you that you can customize so you aren’t recreating the wheel and helps you in getting from your first phone call with the client to the end of the project.

Her project session journal was an invaluable tool and she even covered learning styles and neuroplasticity and how that all plays an important role.  Again, things I never would have seen on my own.  I also loved being the volunteer client in our in class organizing challenge.  For this project, we went step by step through the process of organizing a real space like we would do with an actual client and that gave us all confidence.  I can’t recommend Sheila‘s class highly enough.  Well worth the money and an excellent use of my time.

Barb Eimer

Benefits for the Client

  • Provides additional means for getting help
  • Allows for a “safe” environment
    • more relaxed
    • more ‘in control’
    • less distractions from non-verbal ‘noise’
  • Requires more heightened brain activity
    • creates neuroplasticity brain development
    • increases skill transfer
    • improved long-term supportive habits
  • Affordability
    • time – scheduling conflicts, work or child care
    • costs –  at least half the cost of on-site organizing.

If Virtual Organizing is something you would like to learn more about…please join us!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This is what I signed up for!  Thank you Sheila for offering such an informative VO class.  I really do see this to be a fit for me and am excited to start carving out the process to make my journey great.  Your tools, leadership, expertise and support have given us all the strength and courage we need to go out and offer a virtual experience for our clients in a professional manner.  I am thankful to have learned from you through your vision and style.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I do look forward to bringing VO into my organizing practice as well as learning from it.  Happy spring to you and I’ll “hear” you on the alumni FB page.   Together we are better.

Wendy Quaccia
Professional Organizer

In this robust video-conference (Zoom) based program (six, 2-hr. sessions) you will:

  • bigstock-Change-Ahead-Road-Sign-6646709Understand the differences and similarities between VO and on-site organizing
  • Learn how VO differs from just Coaching
  • Enhance/increase your ability to transfer sustainable skills
  • Learn how to pre-qualify a potential VO client as a right-fit for you
  • How to make VO session work become concrete and viable
  • Learn what tools are available and when to use them effectively
  • Participate in a group practicum exercise to enhance your learning experience
  • Learn the process for assessing the VO client’s needs (not the same as on-site)
  • Why establishing a VO Agreement is a vital requirement for success
  • How to develop and maintain client motivation
  • Access to syllabus, handouts and templates
  • Access to all class recordings
  • And much more!

Course Fee – $450

Thank you for a wonderful Class #5 Wrap-Up; a great (formal) finale to exceptional training.

Donna Cowan, CPO®
Cowan & Company

the case study provides a taste of putting the learning into practice

VO, from the benefits to implementation and admin. Her warm and engaging virtual presence puts students at ease, and the case study provides a taste of putting the learning into practice. If you are toying with the idea of becoming a virtual organizer, this course will answer any questions or concerns you may have!

Ellia Ryan Harris

Meet the Presenter

Shelia DelsnSheila Delson, CPO-CD is owner and President of FREEDomain Concepts, LLC founded in 1994. She is an author and speaker, and is ICD certified with specialty training specific to the CD population.

Sheila is a co-founder of ICD (formerly NSGCD) and a Past President, Past Education and Certification Director, co-developer of the industry’s first certification program for Professional Organizers and a co-author of the ICD Clutter – Hoarding Scale. She is also an active member of NAPO, having chaired and served on many committees over the years, including the NAPO-NY Chapter Board of Directors. She is an award recipient has received awards from both industry organizations including the 2013 NAPO Founder’s Award.

Sheila has been offering Virtual Organizing services since 2009 and recently developed her training program for professional organizers as a way to help both POs and a needy client population with the ability to access one another and ultimately benefit both (respectively) in achieving personal growth and success.

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Sheila’s class is a great starting point!

Sheila Delson’s recorded teleclass, an “Introduction to Virtual Organizing: A Remote Alternative” is excellent! She has a great presenting style and kept my interest throughout the session. Starting out with what virtual organizing (VO) is and what it is not, she then covers the benefits of VO for the professional organizer and the benefits for the client. She talks about the qualifications needed by the organizer, and gives examples of types of clients who would benefit from VO. Sheila’s toolbox list is great and includes both low tech and high tech options, as well as samples of her Written Agreement and Session Log.  She discusses potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them, and gives examples. Her handout is very thorough and includes marketing suggestions and book and website resources. If you’re thinking of adding virtual organizing to your list of services, Sheila’s class is a great starting point! I highly recommend it.

Susan Kousek, CPO®
Balanced Spaces®, LLC