Where ever you are on your journey
Or where ever you are in the world,
No matter what organizing challenges,
Or organizing services suit you best,
We can help you work it out!

Our services are flexible to meet your individual needs.  No two people are the same and finding the right organizational systems tailored with your individual needs in mind is critical to your success.  We offer a variety of possible approaches, often using a combination of several, to increase confidence in the process and systems implemented, to ensure your continued future success.

Services Offered

  • Virtual Organizing by telephone or video conferencing tools – Individual customized home organizing, including paper and filing systems, storage, personal possessions, time and project management.  Approach is accomplished using Skype, photographs, graph drawing design, or a combination of all above as appropriate.
  • Specialization in Chronic Disorganization:  Sheila Delson, CPO-CD, is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization.  Her in-depth experience and training has helped many who experience the frustration of CD.  She works with individuals who are challenged with such issues as AD/HD; OCD, or other neurological or physical conditions that impede a person’s ability to develop and maintain organizational practices in their daily lives.  Special emphasis is considered to accommodate learning and work style, as well as skill-transfer training, and a plan for ongoing support for sustainable long-term future success.

Workshops and Teleclasses – Explore ideas about time and paper management, project planning, goal setting, space management, container usage and organizing systems, filing, letting go of excessive possessions and personalized help with those who are challenged with chronic disorganization issues.  Learning sessions are available in person to groups in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas or by telephone as teleclasses to groups worldwide.