Do you own your possessions…
or do they OWN YOU?

We don’t just excavate the stuff,
we excavate the person,

and we can help you – the Person!

Let’s begin now!

disorganizationIf you’re feeling fearful, embarrassed, overwhelmed, and guilt-ridden because your possessions have taken over your life; you are not alone!

Many people across the US are over burdened with too many choices and decisions today. Do you find that you lose track of time, miss deadlines and appointments, can’t find things…or worse?

Are you drowning in paper, mail, magazines, laundry, clothing and other paraphernalia? Many people we work with have felt these emotions, and they were even a bit frightened about making that first phone call for help.

We understand.

Not only do we understand, we know how to help you regain your life in ways that are gentle, nurturing, and effective. You see it’s not just about the ‘stuff,’ it’s about how you think, work, and your lifestyle choices. We collaborate with you to better understand who you are as we explore together the ideas that will work best for you. We bring many years of expertise and experience to the process of either restoring quality of life – or for some – creating it as a reality for the first time…something every human being needs and deserves.

Many of us experience disorganization in our lives from time to time (even me), and it’s a normal by-product of well…life! However, there are some who are excessively challenged and disorganization has ruled most of their lives. Or maybe compulsive hoarding is your challenge. Or, perhaps your disorganization is temporary brought on by a sudden life change and you’re having difficulty grasping how to manage things within those changes. Or perhaps it might be the time in your life that requires “right-sizing” to bring your current home into a more manageable and safe place to live, or to help you move into a different home that better accommodates your current life style. We can help!

You are not alone.

Whatever your first step is and whatever size it is,
we will take each step with you.